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Cum Eating Queer

by shareyourbfs on 2012-01-09 Runtime: 02:01

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Category: Blowjobs, Facials, Cumshot gargling cum and getting his face blasted



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would love to have someone suck me dry then fuck me in my mouth till you cum down my throat Anonymous 5 months ago

I am a sperm eater and am the submissive in the relationship my boyfriends expectations are that I suck his cock to comnpletion daily swallowing his sperm Anonymous 5 months ago

I love sucking a dick and eating cum. I get really hot when my I'm sucking a big cock and asked if I'm ready for his load. I say yeah and he lets go of his load . I have some cum on my face and the rest in my mouth. After he finishes shooting his load he lightly rubs his dick around my lips and places it back into my mouth so I can clean all the cum off it and suck the remainder from his shaft. Then he takes his dick from my mouth and uses his head to scrape the remainder of cum from my face and puts his head back into my mouth, so I can finish cleaning his delicious cock. Sometimes I get lucky and we start over again. Anonymous 12 months ago

it is such a waste of good cum getting it all over your face, I want ALL of the cum in my mouth, no mess and no clean up. Anonymous 13 months ago

any of you guys from n.j. wanna 69 with me ? Anonymous 16 months ago

I too am a cum eater.I will take all loads and clean up a cock and love every creamy drop.There is nothing better than the taste of cum. Anonymous 24 months ago

it's good to see a queer that knows his place is on his knees between his master's knees. Anonymous 26 months ago

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