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My Wild Raunchy Son

by Anonymous on 2012-04-08 Runtime: 28:59

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Category: Muscle, Big Cock, Hunks motion comic strip



let me tell you...i always thought the idea of father son doing it was gross but when i started reading this....my dick got super hard....i had to finish reading the whole comic....i thought it was hot....:) ill admit tho...ive had fantasies about my oldest brother but i would shut them out....but fuck...my brothers hot ....i cant help it, i get a boner thinking about him Anonymous 28 months ago

love the dick one hahaha Anonymous 29 months ago

hehehe sammydeleon2011 30 months ago

I'm 33y/o and look alot like the dad on this comic but have no kids but it would be hot to get with someone who almost looks the same. Thanxs Anonymous 30 months ago

This comic is so great. Anonymous 30 months ago

who wanna do that with me lol Anonymous 30 months ago

I like tis cattons Anonymous 30 months ago

daddy fantasies are as common amongst gay men so let's not be hypocritical. So are coach fantasies, policeman fantasies, uncles, ups men, anything goes. Dig this one a lot because of the beautiful cartooning. Anonymous 31 months ago

Yayy Anonymous 31 months ago

hehehe sammydeleon2011 31 months ago

I CUMMED! Anonymous 32 months ago

This is all a fantasy people... so chill it's a good story, with awesome visuals so enjoy... Anonymous 33 months ago

its to osmoses i like that how can i download this video plz help me out to for same Anonymous 33 months ago

my storie is the same to that video my father and i sex to gether Anonymous 33 months ago

Im sorry to say that the machine has misplaced my replies - just one more complication. We are all told when young that incest is BAD, but this is a lie when applied to gay men - it does not apply to gay relationships - there is no way that gay men can inbreed. But unless you realise this powerful fact you may well feel psychologically scarred. The truth will set you free! Terence. Terence 34 months ago

In my 1st post I pointed out that 'incest-taboo' doesnt apply to gay men because there is no inbreeding. Also, who said that love and sex should be kept apart - it is the basis of most successful relationships. Terence 34 months ago

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