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Hairy Eating Cum

by on 2012-05-08 Runtime: 00:46

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un vrai régal !!! Anonymous 15 months ago

what a nice hairy cock to suck on. I sure would have loved bury my face in all of that hair while I had that cock stuffed down my throat. not only would I have sucked all of that cum out of his balls and down my throat, I would have licked all of those beautiful hairs and balls clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Anonymous 20 months ago

swallowing your own jizz or another stud's is just so delicious.mmmmm Anonymous 29 months ago

I also eat my own jizz and I love it. Anonymous 33 months ago

what a lovely cum load. I also eat my own man juice, there's nothing finer than a warm load of cum going down your throat. Full of protein, mmmmm yummy cummy. lonewolf 33 months ago

ahhhh Anonymous 33 months ago

This is one of my all-time favorite vids. Seriously. Come to Miami Beach - you will be popular. MB One 33 months ago

ican only get two squirts in my mouth but itstastes yummy Anonymous 34 months ago

the next best thing to sucking your own cock, so close, yet so far Anonymous 36 months ago

faut que tu maigrisses mec ! Anonymous 36 months ago