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Prison Guard Fucked!

by Anonymous on 2012-02-14
Runtime: 09:57

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Category: Anal,Bisexual,Group a group of prisoners gangbang a cop.

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That got me SUPER horny Anonymous 3 months ago

is there a part one ? Anonymous 10 months ago

Yeah, the guard does have a fairly small dick, but he's still damn hot..... Anonymous 11 months ago

They actually issue condoms, in many prisons, and they are also smuggled in, to prevent DNA collection if they rape someone Anonymous 15 months ago

how do you actually play the vid Anonymous 15 months ago

I actually worked in a prison, and survived a riot along with two female guard by submitting to similar treatment to gang members for protection. main difference was they made me wear the female's panties. Was str8 but now know cock is good just like pussy. Anonymous 16 months ago

Pretty arousng,getting butt banged by more tha on uy anf the bigger he cock,the ore it hurts so good.What a fantasy. Punk boy 20 months ago

good Anonymous 22 months ago

Actually, inmates screwing guards, delude themselves into thinking he is a she, and tend to ignore the male guard's cock. What is surprising, none of them sucked his nipples. Ex Guard 23 months ago

Did anyone notice? This guard has a really small cock and none of these prisoners made any rude comment about it! I think that would have been the first of many insults right after they stripped him naked. Anonymous 25 months ago

Should have left him with a spanked red ass and his own night stick up his butt on all fours for his fellow guards to find! The ultimate humiliation-let your fellow employees see that you've been fucked real good! Anonymous 25 months ago

can someone do that to me plzzz Anonymous 25 months ago